Fabio Pusterla

Poet, essayist and translator Switzerland

One of the acclaimed contemporary poets writing in Italian, Pusterla is also a nonfiction writer and translator; his work garnered him the 2008 Premio Achille Marazza for literary translation. He is also engaged in cultural promotion through collaboration with the International Festival of Literature Chiasso Letteraria and the editorship of the poetry series Le Ali for the publisher Marcos y Marcos, Milan. His own poetry is a hymn to the discovery of each bit of landscape, where natural history meets the history of human settlement in the lake region between Lombardy and Tessin, or as critic Roberto Galaverni describes it, “a basin of wind-swept lakes, forests, and glaciers”. His Concessione all’inverno, Bocksten, Le cose senza storia, Folla sommersa, Corpo stellare, Cenere, o terra, and the anthology Le terre emerse (Einaudi publisher) outline the chapters of a story  that indicates the end of today’s world and presents peaceful, natural, and wild scenarios for a new planet awaiting us, the rebirth of antiquity, eternal and cyclical in time.


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