Rebecca Harrell Tickell


Rebecca Reynolds Harrell Tickell (born 2 March 1980) is a producer, director,
actress, singer and environmental activist.Josh Tickell is an American film director who
specializes in movies with a social message. His first feature movie, Fuel  won the
Sundance Audience Award for Best Documentary, was released theatrically in the
United States and became a global sensation gaining over 1 million viewers on
Netflix, iTunes, Hulu and CNBC. The
movie was screened in the White House for energy and environment staff working
in the Obama Administration.He directed the Cannes Film Festival movie, The Big Fix. The
film explores possible connections between corporate and political malfeasance
and the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. He went on to direct his third film,
Freedom (2011), which
focuses on alcohol fuel and aired on the SuperChannel in Canada. He just
completed his latest documentary, "PUMP," and is currently in
production on "Good Fortune", The Official Biography of John Paul
DeJoria, co-founder of PatrÁ³n Tequila and Paul Mitchell Systems.Josh Tickell holds
Masters in Film from Florida State University's School of Motion Picture Arts

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