Leonardo Brogioni

Angelo Miotto, professional journalist, has collaborated with Radio Popolare-Network since 1992. He is co-author with Giovanni Giacopuzzi of the book " Storie basche" and the libretti for "Non guardate al domain" and "Errata Corrige".Leonardo Brogioni, freelance journalist since 1993, received the Italian Professional Photographers Association [AFIP] award for photographic studies. He currently teaches photojournalism at the IED and the School of Journalism, CatholicUniversity, Milan.Matteo Scanni, journalist, has collaborated on "Il Mondo", "Corriere Lavoro", "Corriere della Sera", "L'Espresso", "D Donna" e "Diario". He has produced and directed the reportage Piani di fuga (2002) and Il paese del maiale (2003), the film O Sistema (2006) and the documentary Cronache basche-Euskal kronikak (2007) with Angelo Miotto. His theater pieces include "Cinque pezzi fragili", "Quel che resta di via Adda" and "Errata Corrige" in which he also appears.

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05 June - 11 June 2023

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