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Media has the power to change the world"”this is the mission of Tree Media Group. Over the last nine years, the Group founded by sisters Leila Conners Petersen and Nadia Conners has pursued its mission to disseminate its ideas throughout the world with the use of new communication technologies. Through the development and production of material for web pages, short films and informative films, the creation of websites, community and virtual forums, Tree Media Group has gone from strength to strength, enhancing the visibility of environmental campaigns and sustainable development in the third world, promoting a democratic dialogue and a standpoint free of lobbyist interests that have gained control of the official culture and information market. Tree Media Group has increasingly attracted international attention and support from entertainment celebrities who have joined the Santa Monica production company's battle. For example, Leonardo Di Caprio and Tree Media Group have completed the acclaimed documentary The 11th Hour and the short films Global Warning and Water Planet.

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