Joshua Held

Born in Florence, Michael Fantacci graduated from Chicago in 1979 with a degree in Communication. Between 1981 and 1986 he was an actor in New York, then later returned to Italy to embark on a new career as an Advertising copywriter in Milan. In 1991 he became creative director of Design & Advertising in Florence, then in 1993 he founded Model T, his own advertising agency. He is a member of the Italian Art Director's Club since 1987. His works have won ADCI awards at the Cannes International Advertising Cinema Festival, the Mario Bellavista Golden Plaque Award, Printitalia, and the Jury Award at the COMPA in Bologna with the illustrations of Josh Held.Joshua Held is co-autohr of the graphic part of the animated serial Gino il Pollo Perso nella Rete, produced by RAI TV. For Gallucci Editore, he illustred Vengo anch'io, no tu no and he released Dig e l'osso di Digòn (2003, with three cartoons on DVD), Dig e i tarli clandestini (2004), Dig e il mistero dei Boboli (2005) e Il primo libro dei Boboli (2006). As a cartoonist he published his works on Linus, Cuore, Comix and he was resident cartoonist for the newspaper Il Riformista.

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