Michel Viotte

Prolific author, the French director Michel Viotte has realized 14 documentaries in the last 6 years. Les Amats de l'Aventure is his last but one work (the last one, The Times of The Lumiére, 2000, wants to be a tribute the the origins of cinema). Other adventure films directed by Michel Viotte are: In the Land of Totem Poles (1999) that tells the discovery of the totemic territories of Canada's North West  and Southern Alaska and Tortuga, the Island of the Buccaneers (1997) that tells the Tortuga Island one. Among the other documentaries there are: Jay Jay Johanson (1999) and Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals (1997) dedicated to music, René Gascinny, Profession: Humorist (1999) that goes along again the life of the Asterix and Lucky Luke's famous scriptwriter, The Story-Teller (1996), Jack Kerouac (1996), Jack London (1995) and The Memory of the Land (1994), film biographies of two of the most important writers of last century , account of the world of artists and evocation of the oral tradition, Up Lads and At'em (1997) and The Black Angels of Utopia (1997) about the world of piracy.

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