Giovanni Pastrone

This Spanish cameraman was one of the first to shoot using a moving camera. He worked for Ferdinand Zecca (La vie et la Passion de Jésus Christ,1902 - 1905) and Giovanni Pastrone (Cabiria, 1913). Along with Stuart Blackton and Georges MélieÌ€s, he developed the "image by image" or "crank stop" procedure - a technique that helped form the basis of cartoon animation. Giovanni Pastrone, born in Montechiaro d'Asti in 1882, this talented musician graduated from the Conservatorio with a major in violin, and also earned a diploma in accounting. In 1903 he moved to Torino, where in 1908 he founded Itala Film. His first film, The Fall of Troy, contained 600 meters of film on a single reel. In early 1912 he began developing the idea for the colossal Cabiria, which was conceived in the wake of patriotic enthusiasm for Italy's colonial fiasco in Libya). He shot the remarkable Il fuoco in 1915, which was followed up by Tigre Reale. He abandoned cinema in 1919, after his last film Hedda Gabler.

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