Alessandro Abba Legnazzi

Alessandro Abba Legnazzi (Brescia, 1980) earned a
degree in modern literature from the State University, Milan. Since 2008 he has
coordinated cinema workshops in elementary schools and youth centers. His first
 documentary Io ci sono (I Am Here) (2012) was followed two years later by Rada (2014), which won the best Italian
documentary award at the 2014 Torino Film Festival.Andrea Deaglio (Turin, 1979) makes
documentaries, audiovisual and multimedia projects for Mu Produzioni Audiovisive. His works include Nera (2007) and
Il futuro del mondo passa da qui - City Veins (2010), which won the Joris Ivens - Best International First
Film award at Cinèma du Réel (Paris, 2011).

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