Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf

Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf was born 1939 in Zurich-Switzerland. He studied Art history and Literature at the University of Zurich, graduating 1969 with a dissertation on Paul Klee. "¨"¨In 1970 he was manager of the Swiss Film Center (today Swiss Films) and publisher of the Swiss Film Catalogue (Schweizer Filmkatalog)."¨"¨Since 1974 he has worked as independent filmmaker. Since 1980 he is leader of the Film departement of the Swiss Folklore Society, Basle (Schweiz. Gesellschaft fÁ¼r Volkskunde). "¨"¨1981 foundation of Ariane Film Inc., "¨Zurich."¨"¨Since 1984 he lectures at the University of ZÁ¼rich and Basle.  2003 - 2005 he is project leader of: "Work and Life Worlds: Memory, Change and Present" in the National Research Programme NFP 48 Landscapes and Habitats of the Alps, where he produced two ethnographic films: Hinterrhein - Umbruch im Bergdorf by Lisa RÁ¶Á¶sli and Im Lauf der Zeiten by Marius Risi.

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