Agnès Varda

Agnès Varda, born in Brussels in 1928, before becoming a film-maker, worked for the National Popular Theatre in Paris as a stage photographer. Her first work La pointe courte (1954) is now considered by the critics an antecedent of the Nouvelle Vague. She rose to fame with Cleo from five to seven (1961), which shows the peculiar traits of her style. In Le Bonheur (1964), awarded with the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, she deals with the problems of domestic everyday life. But her most effective film is Vagabond (1985), awarded with the Golden Lion at Venice Festival. Since 1990 Agnes has completed a trilogy about Jacques Demy, her late husband, Jacquot de Nantes, L'univers de Jacques Demy, Les Demoiselles ont eu 25 ans. In 2000 she releases The Gleaners and I and in 2002 Deux Ans Après (Two Years After) which is an interesting exercise to explore what happens to a film, and the people connected to it, after its release.

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