Armando Ceste


Armando Ceste, born in Turin in 1942, has started to become a protagonist of independent film production since the end of the sixties with La Lezione (1969). A few years later is one of the founders of the Collettivo Cinema Militante in Turin. He has been art director of Valsusa Filmfest and author of a wide amount of works. Among them, we remember: Jean-Marie Straub, la resistenza del cinema (1991), Finale di Partita (1992), Milano 25 aprile (1994), Anna Karina. Il volto della Nouvelle Vague (1996), Rosso Askatasuna (a proposito di un primo maggio di guerra) (1999), Erri De Luca. Dopo Genova (filastrocche sgangherate) (2001), Libera Terra (2002).

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