Edgar Morin

Edgar Morin, whose real name was Nahum, was born in Paris in 1921. Morin is the name he took on from a girlfriend during the Resistance. He joined the French Communist Party from which he was expelled in 1951 for an article he had wrote in the "˜France-Observateur'. He is a sociologist at the C.N.R.S. ( International Centre for the Scientific Research); in the 1950's he carried out research work into fan-worship, young people and mass culture, for which he is still remembered today. He collaborated with the "˜France-Observateur'and then with the"˜Nouvel Observateur'. In 1956, together with other deserters of the French Communist Party, he founded the magazine "˜Arguments', published until 1962. In 1967, together with R. Barthes and G. Friedmann, he founded the magazine "˜Communications'. In 1988 he was appointed President of the Scientific Comittee for the new syllabus reform in secondary schools.

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