Through the many successful environmental education initiatives addressed to children and teenagers a strong relationship has grown between the Festival and school teachers and their students. Given the power of cinematographic media to capture and hold the attention of young people, we thought it useful to hold a conference in which environmental agencies operating in Italy and associations promoting film projects in schools could present themselves. The conference provides ample opportunity for exchange of ideas and experience in the design and content of environmental education material and to develop effective strategies for improving environmental literacy in the generations to come. The aim is to harness the power of cinema for education and to plan environmental education within the school curriculum.


  • ARPA Piemonte
  • ARPA Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Associazione Archimede
  • ARCI Movie Napoli
  • Associazione Ottomani
  • CIAS
  • EduIREN
  • Fondazione per la Scuola della Compagnia di San Paolo
  • ITER
  • MAcA
  • Museo Nazionale del Cinema
  • SottodiciottoFilmFestival & Campus

Domenico Chiesa, CIDI