Circular economy means producing goods and services by reintegrating the residual materials from the production process into the ecosystem (biodegradability) or reusing them (recycling). Circular economy and the environment have become complementary concepts of a wider, circular notion of well-being. This new economic-ecological paradigm is the theme of Circonomia, the festival celebrating circular economy and local initiatives held in Piedmont since 2016. The Festival combines circular economy with local development wherever meaningful instances of circular economy in Piedmont have begun, from green chemistry to zero-kilometer food.
Circonomia is the venue where citizens, businesses, and public administrations can meet to discuss the ways in which circular economy offers a responsible solution to environmental problems and where they can get involved in initiatives and projects.
The book entitled 100 Stories of Circular Economy (ed. Fondazione Symbola) will be presented and the stories of good ecological practices in Piedmont and Italy will be told.
Participants: Alberto Valmaggia, Environment Commissioner, Region of Piedmont, Agostino Re Rebaudengo, president of MAcA – Museo A come Ambiente, Gaetano Capizzi, CinemAmbiente festival director.
Speakers: Ermete Realacci (Fondazione Symbola), Catia Bastioli (Novamont), Carlo Montalbetti (Comieco), Gino Schiona (CiAl), Federico Fusari (Ricrea), Paolo Tomasi (CONOU), Carlo Bertolino (Cuki Group), Patrizia Lombardi (Politecnico di Torino).
Moderator: Marco Frittella (Rai Uno)